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Spencerian Penmanship E-Book

Spencerian Penmanship E-Book

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Introducing our Spencerian E-Book, the epitome of convenience for penmanship enthusiasts. With this digital gem, you can access all the website's materials in one convenient PDF file, and the best part is, there are no limits to your downloads.

This E-Book faithfully replicates the content of the paper version, ensuring you have the same exceptional resources right at your fingertips. Whether you prefer to practice on your tablet or computer, this E-Book is designed for seamless use, offering flexibility and ease in your penmanship journey.

Experience the timeless art of Spencerian script like never before, with the convenience and accessibility of our digital E-Book. Unleash your inner calligrapher and elevate your penmanship skills with just a click away.

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Customer Reviews

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Bob M.
Spencerian Penmanship E-Book (Edition One)

I'm very pleased with this E-Book and wrote this review for other customers to reference since there were not any other reviews at the time of my purchase.

The book is concise and includes dimensions of each letter in both capital and lowercase forms along with an overview of the number of strokes for each letter, direction of strokes and starting point.

I like the contemporary design and the attention to detail is exceptional. For example - the lines for the strokes in the large examples of each letter are gradients which makes it easier to see the direction of the strokes as they form the letter. Nice!

I'm thrilled that each letter appears in a gridline at the appropriate angle so readers can better understand the overall dimension and proportions of each letter. This is a very important and subtle detail often missing from other contemporary guides and even some guides written during the golden age of American penmanship.

Knowledge of the letterform principles (straight line, right curve, left curve, etc.) along with an understanding of the proportions, shape and dimension of the finished letter (as shown in this guide) can take your penmanship to the next level.

Loops & Tails has published free content including exercises and worksheets that pair nicely with this E-Book for practicing. I'm a big proponent of the trace and copy method having learned Italic, Cursive Italic and now Spencerian in this way. Thoughtful, careful and dedicated practice along with an understanding of the concepts can produce amazing results.

In closing, I'm very impressed with this E-Book and highly recommend it. I hope this review is helpful!